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Diamond & Jewelry Wholesalers

We Buy:

Individual Diamonds or Pieces of Jewelry 

Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry - with or without gemstones

Estate Jewelry,  Store Inventories

Insurance Jewelry, Divorce Jewelry

Rough Diamonds,  Promotional Diamonds

Whole packages of Diamonds

Even Cracked, Chipped, Broken or Damaged Diamonds 


We have in Stock: 

Full Cuts, Single Cuts, all Shapes, Sizes and Grades

Small and Large Diamonds

Gold & Platinum Jewelry


Our inventory stock changes frequently

If you are looking for something specific or if you have something to sell, please call 440-599-9999 or 888-599-9777 and we will take care of you.

We accept credit cards and some foreign currencies

To convert your money into another currency click here:


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